Used Vehicle Pricing

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a positive influence on used car pricing.

I have witnessed huge pricing being paid for Trade-in values from both Dealers and Auction houses, if you have a late model 2,3- or 4-year-old car – why not make enquiries on what it is worth today, you could be pleasantly surprised.

The ‘fear’ of getting back on public transport, working from home, in fact any number of reasons have resulted in the demand for late model secondhand cars to increase significantly.

If you are thinking that now would be a good time to trade-up and take advantage of the Instant Asset Write-off allowances on offer, you may very well get a great price on your current vehicle, drive away in a new car, and claim the full price of the new car as an instant write-off this financial year. Talk to your accountant and see if this makes perfect business sense for your company.

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