Instant Asset Write-Off

June 30 is Fast Approaching

We now have an Instant Asset Write-off in place and the asset value it applies to is unlimited, both in the amount you spend and in the number of times you can buy assets.

With June 30th fast approaching, NOW is the time to order and buy equipment to claim your Instant Asset Write-off this financial year.

The tax breaks are conservable, they are extremely generous and if as a business owner you do not take advantage of this scheme – you are doing yourself a dis-service.

Any Tax Losses declared this year are carried forward to next year.

Plan today, plan now to ensure that by the time June 30th, 2022 rolls around you have maximised your allowable claims. There are delays in availability of ready stock, do not wait until May and think that you will have your asset ready and delivered before the end of June.

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