Winter 2009

Transport Finance 2009 Conference

On July 31 this year, Transport Finance held its annual conference. The staff arrived in Melbourne from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Geelong to join the Melbourne team for a long day of learning and exchanging ideas. With potential legislation pending that could require finance brokers to have achieved ‘Certificate 4’ level in order to continue to work within the finance broking profession, we took the opportunity of ensuring that all of our staff are now qualified for Certificate 4. [Read more …]

No More Rate Cuts

With the RBA viewing the downside risks to the domestic economy as having diminished, further official interest rate cuts now seem unlikely with rates expected to stay on hold for a prolonged period.

Evidence of a more resilient domestic economy has prompted us to upgrade our GDP forecasts to 0.3% growth for 2009 and 1.1% for 2010 and to scale back our unemployment rate forecasts[Read more …]

INVESTING IN PROPERTY The future looks positive

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So when is the right time to buy? Well as they say 10 years ago but we can’t turn back the clock. So the next best time is probably now and this appears to be supported by the positive research conducted by BIS Shrapnel earlier this year. BIS Shrapnel’s graph below forecasts the median property prices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide are anticipated to rise by 19% over the next 3 years. [Read more …]

Benefits of Operating Lease

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Operating Lease should be a serious consideration for larger clients looking to fund trucks and trailer purchases in the 09/10 financial year.

Transport Finance has access to a couple of the best Operating Lease companies available and we can clearly demonstrate the benefits of using this type of funding for your next acquisition[Read more …]

Investment Allowance – Where to now after June 30 2009

We haven’t seen a June 30 like the one we just had since the advent of the GST. It was a good old fashioned end to the financial year with deals still being processed at midnight by most of the lenders. The stimulus created by the investment Allowance certainly had the desired effect and those eligible businesses that got in before the deadline can now benefit when their tax returns are completed.

If your business has a turnover in excess of $2.0 million per annum, then you will be able to claim a 10% tax deduction[Read more …]

Talk Around Town

Whew!! It looks like Australia has scraped through the financial mess without going into a technical recession. Time will tell if we come out of the other side unscathed completely.

The good news is that the ‘experts’ are starting to see ‘green shoots’ in the economy – a new term but meant to demonstrate the beginnings of growth in the markets. [Read more …]