Summer 2017

Talk around Town

We continue to see the low interest rate environment dominate the current economic cycle. This shows no signs of abating any time soon. There are some economists predicting the next RBA decision on movement of rates will see a further reduction – personally I’m not so sure.

I can see the current rate held for some months to come, well in to 2017…

The rise and rise of house prices has been ongoing, despite experts predicting its demise. It will be an interesting watch and observe what eventually happens in this area.

Whilst the RBA has lowered interest rates to the lowest point in history, the Banks/Financiers are certainly holding firm on their margins when pricing equipment deals. With equipment lending offering fixed rates for the term of the loan, the lenders are making a decent margin on these transactions.

In fact, we saw lower interest rates offered on Cars and Equipment 12-16 months ago than we are seeing now. Don’t get me wrong, the rates on offer are still low by historical standards but the lenders are definitely maintaining some ‘fat’ or margin in these deals.

What we are seeing is our lending panel show some enthusiasm for doing/approving deals again and the number of settled deals month on month has been very strong. Overall we are seeing a confidence return too small and medium size businesses with Government infrastructure projects increasing and work beginning to flow through the transport and machinery sectors.

We now offer Consumer Loans

What is a Consumer Loan?

A consumer loan is used for ordinary persons (non-business entities) who wish to buy a car, boat, caravan, motorbike for personal use. i.e. wife, son or daughter.

In the past, unless a company or ABN registered business/partnership was borrowing the money and claiming it’s use as a business expense, Transport Finance has been unable to assist with your lending requirements.

We now hold an Australian Credit Licence (ASIC) to allow us to transact equipment loans for personal use.

These are quite a simple application process whereby we can provide rapid approvals for you, family members or friends who are looking at purchasing items for personal use.

Call our office for more information or apply.

Be ahead of the game

Having had discussions with major truck and trailer manufacturers in recent weeks, the one message that keeps getting repeated is that they are running out of ‘build slots’ for this year.

So, if you are considering purchasing a truck or trailer in 2016, I would recommend getting in soon and securing a slot for this year – or you could be waiting until early 2017 for goods to be ready for delivery.

The level of enquiry from our clients in recent months has certainly increased and confidence appears to be returning. The prospect of companies expanding their work and not being able to take up contracts or offers due to lack of available equipment now looks a real possibility.

Don’t get caught short, if you can see the opportunity presenting itself, make enquiries now to secure what you need.

Infrastructure – States on the move…

It looks like the State governments, along with some federal assistance are beginning to get their respective States moving. The number of funded infrastructure projects either started or about to start, all goes well for work within your home State. Check out the list below or go online, it would appear that there is plenty of work coming up and this all bodes well for the transport sectors.

It is a great time to be positive and aware of what projects are forthcoming and where you and your business can benefit from work available.



Coming off the recent sale of the Port of Melbourne for $9.7 billion and awaiting a Federal government ‘top-up’ of $1.46 billion, Victoria is ready to launch head first in to a number of major infrastructure projects. Victorian Premier, Mr Daniel Andrews would call these ‘shovel ready’.

Here are some major projects but not all;
• Melbourne Metro Rail Project – 9klms, 5 stations from Kensington – South Yarra
• Western Distributor Road Project
• Monash Freeway Upgrade
• Citylink Tullamarine widening
• 50 Rail crossing removals
• Avalon airport rail link
• Bendigo metro rail
• Box Hill Bus interchange

New South Wales

Premier, Mr Mike Baird announced in June 2014 a budget of $20 billion to ‘turbo charge’ NSW.

Some of the projects include;
• WestConnex northern and Southern extensions
• Western harbour Tunnel
• Sydney Rapid Transit – second Harbour rail crossing
• Parramatta Light rail project
• Regional Road Freight corridor
• Regional Growth Roads
• Eastern Creek intermodal terminal
• Prioritise further road/rail projects to serve Badgerys Creek airport


The State of Queensland is also identified some major upgrades works which are funded and to be carried out;

• Ipswich motorway – Rocklea to Darra
• Toowoomba Second Range Crossing
• Pacific motorway – Gateway motorway Merge upgrade
• North Coast line capacity improvement project
• Dawson highway – Gladstone to Biloela Bridge replacement
• Rockhampton Road Train access – Stage 1
• Kawana Way and Nicklin Way – Sunshine Coast University Hospital intersection upgrade