Summer 2008

Summer 2008 was a great time of the year...

Transport Finance Newsletter - Summer 2008

There isn't a basic introduction to the Summer newsletter.

Paul and Mandy Jacobs

Paul and Mandy, who operate Jacobs Fertilisers and Grains in Benalla, Victoria, have been clients of our company for over 10 years. Over that time we have come to know the family well and consider the Jacobs, friends as well as clients.[Read more …]

What If… Things do get tight?

If things look to be getting a bit tight, payments owed to you are not received, the bank overdraft is trading outside of terms or monies for loan repayments are not there…now is the time to keep the lines of communication open with your bank and other lenders.[Read more …]

Control in IN-FLOWS

So how does the current financial ‘mess’ affect you as a small business owner and what steps do you need to take now;

  • Income derived from the business should be channelled in to a separate business bank/cheque account. This account should pay business related bills and pay wages or drawings across to the owners.[Read more …]

Talk around town

Wow, I never realised Australia had so many economists and finance experts prepared to add their ‘two bob’s worth’ at any media outlet on the state of the nations economic health. [Read more …]