Spring 2011

Talk Around Town

Does anyone really have a handle on what is happening with the economy at the moment?

With what we have seen overseas, riots in the UK, USA having their credit derated and Spain, Italy, Greece and Ireland in debt…along with more ups and downs on the local stock market than at a Yo Yo contest

By the way, when I went to school AA+ was considered a bloody good grade.

The interesting thing is each ‘expert’ who throws their twobob in the ring seems to have a different view on the world – will interest rates rise, stay where they are or drop? It appears that each bank has a different idea, each newspaper you read and even the TV/radio commentators don’t seem to agree. It reminds me of that old bumper sticker seen on old V8’s, “Get in, Sit down, Shut up and Hang on”.

Well, if they can all have an opinion…so can I![Read more …]

Interesting Lead Up To Presential Election 2012

The good ‘ol US of A goes back to the polls in November 2012 in what is shaping up as a very interesting contest. Barack Obama has gone from being the most popular President on record to an approval rating of just 39%.

The opposition GOP Republican Party have assembled a Melbourne Cup size field of candidates seeking the nod to take on Obama next year in the race to the White house.

So far there are 18 confirmed candidates[