Autumn 2012

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Transport Finance Newsletter - Autumn 2012

I would like to extend a warm welcome to two new staff members who have joined the company in 2012.

Iris Wang has joined our Dockland’s Office team and comes to us with a wealth of experience in finance, investment and mortgage broking. Iris has spent time working in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, but calls Melbourne home.

We wish Iris all the best and if you are calling in to the Dockland’s office and hear a new voice on the phone, make sure you say hi and welcome Iris aboard.

Rodney Clarke has joined the team in Brisbane and will be based at Iveco Trucks, Rocklea.

Rodney has a lot of experience in equipment funding and general banking having had a long career at both the NAB and Canon Finance.

Rodney has spent time in various States of Australia before settling in Brisbane with his family. Rodney is a keen cyclist so watch out for him on the roads.

We wish Rodney and Iris all the best.

Financial Reporting

When we read newspaper’s or watch television, the reports that we see relating to the state of the economy are always based on what happened yesterday, Wall Street moved 3 percent, or the Dow Jones was down 2 percent, the FUTSI stayed steady…

The $AUD fall 0.6 cents against the ‘Greenback’, held steady against the Euro…

We have become a very reactionary mob, Wall Street fell overnight, and therefore our share market will[Read more …]

News Around Town

Will we see the P.I.G.S. flying anytime time soon?

Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, that is…

We’re all getting a little tired of hearing about Europe meets to decide this; Europe can’t reach agreement…but is what is happening in Europe really impacting on us in Oz that much?[Read more …]

Why use a finance broker?

The single biggest change we have seen over the past 2 years from the Banks/Lenders we use is the grab for security coverage and the cross securing of existing debt/asset holdings against new debt.

What does this mean?[