Autumn 2010

Talk Around Town

With the 2010 year well under way, it appears that the Transport sector continues to stand up well to the current financial pressures being experienced. The Banks are certainly not freeing up capital to small business looking to expand or indeed replace existing equipment – anyone who has sought business lending would have experienced the additional scrutiny that the Banks and Finance companies are putting business borrowers through. Banks may advertise; “We live in your world”, but we think[Read more …]

Welcome to the Team

John Kakavoules
John is welcomed to Transport Finance in the capacity as a director of the company.

Brett and John are pleased that he accepted their offer to join the company and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from banking & finance and the transport industry to the group.John has spent 25 years in vehicle transport – the majority specializing in the trucking sector. he commenced with hertz Car & Truck Leasing, but is best known for his time with both Daimler Chrysler Finance and[Read more …]

The Lender’s Asked for What?

There is no doubt that the way in which Banks assess potential applicants has changed. In fact we believe that it is still a ‘moving target’. We have attempted to outline a number of issues that are being raised by lenders at present and try to put some reason and thinking behind their requests.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats – SWOT

Lenders are looking to see that you have a firm grasp on not only what your business[Read more …]

Call for Assistance Answered

Llew Oelofsen, a neighbour and friend of John Ryan’s, approached John on the Sunday before easter to enquire if he could suggest a transport company to assist in moving a full size trampoline from a Sydney supplier to Melbourne. The trampoline had been partially donated by the Sydney supplier for the benefit of Llew’s son Conor who has severe autism. The trampoline provides hours of enjoyment and recreation for Conor which is his only source of exercise.[Read more …]