About Us

More than just Transport, more than just Finance, Transport Finance is your private advisor and broker with expertise in every aspect of business and personal finance.

About Us

The biggest …with an eye to the smallest detail

Established as a transport industry specialist in 1995 and now one of Australia’s largest transport and general broking company, Transport Finance has never lost sight of its roots.

Although we now have 15 affiliated lenders and city and regional offices in three states, we remain committed to the people and industry that helped us grow. Some of our customers have been with us since we opened our doors; some are more recent arrivals …all are our first priority.


We’ll back you going forward …wherever you’re heading

As finance brokers, our primary function is to help our clients find the finance package that’s right for them. For many clients that means a loan that offers low repayments. For others the consolidation of existing debt is important. For some, tax effectiveness is the highest priority.

But finding the right loan is just the first step. As financing specialists we work with many of our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure their finance meets their changing needs. With a wide range of lenders and an even wider understanding of our clients’  businesses, we are uniquely positioned to help you grow.


Local service …nationwide support

With offices in Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, and Brisbane we have people who understand the unique circumstances of your market.

If you’re looking to cover negative cash flow during a tropical wet season or gear up to take advantage of import overflows on the Sydney docks, or meet the needs of population boom west of Melbourne, we have people who understand.