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Talk Around Town

To all our clients living outside of Victoria, congratulations you have done extremely well to date with the balance of handling this pandemic and keeping your State working, jobs safe and the economy bubbling along.

To all of us Victorians bunkered down in Mexico, it has been a tough time for all of us. Lockdowns 1,2 and 3, business recovery halted, business shutdowns and a general feeling of jealousy when looking at other States, watching how they have handled outbreaks as we hover around our kitchen tables.

The vaccine has finally arrived on our shores and has begun rollout. Whilst this may take a few months to complete hopefully this is the beginning of the end of these lockdowns.

When I was in Ireland a few years back, I experienced Lock-ins, where those inside the pub at closing time where locked in and the constabulary locked out as the party continued long into the night. Give me an Ireland Lock-in over a Victorian Lock-down any day of the week.

Interest rates are holding steady at the lowest levels on record and some pundits say this will eb the case for the next 2 years, I say no that is not the case, if property in Sydney & Melbourne continues to raise towards the projected 18% increase over the next 2 years – I can see the RBA increasing interest rates in the second half of this year to tamper demand in the housing sector and slow the burners a little. The Banks are doing their best to slow the markets, given the average home loan is now taking 6-8 weeks for approval – if you are considering looking at purchasing a home or bidding at an auction, start the loan application well before you bid or buy a home. Get pre-approved early on.

Instant Asset Write-Off

June 30 is Fast Approaching

We now have an Instant Asset Write-off in place and the asset value it applies to is unlimited, both in the amount you spend and in the number of times you can buy assets.

With June 30th fast approaching, NOW is the time to order and buy equipment to claim your Instant Asset Write-off this financial year.

The tax breaks are conservable, they are extremely generous and if as a business owner you do not take advantage of this scheme – you are doing yourself a dis-service.

Any Tax Losses declared this year are carried forward to next year.

Plan today, plan now to ensure that by the time June 30th, 2022 rolls around you have maximised your allowable claims. There are delays in availability of ready stock, do not wait until May and think that you will have your asset ready and delivered before the end of June.

Delays and Long Waits for Credit Decisions

What difficult times we live in…a few short years ago almost all Banks and Finance Companies offered a ‘Tick & Flick’ asset loan product that provided nearly immediate approvals provided certain boxes where ticked. Now the Banks and Finance Companies want full credit submissions, supporting documents, two+ years of financial reporting, breakdowns of balance sheets,[Read more …]

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Brokers Advantage in 2021

The delays and extended approval decision making that we are experiencing is playing into our hands. The Commercial Equipment Broking sector that we are a part of, is currently experiencing its busiest period on record. 73% of all Commercial Asset deals settled are settled with Banks & Finance Companies via a Broker. An East &[Read more …]

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Used Vehicle Pricing

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a positive influence on used car pricing. I have witnessed huge pricing being paid for Trade-in values from both Dealers and Auction houses, if you have a late model 2,3- or 4-year-old car – why not make enquiries on what it is worth today, you[Read more …]

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Senate inquiry recommends RLO repeal

Source: Mortgage Business By Annie Kane Why is this needed. The APRA requirements on Banks post the Banking Royal Commission has resulted in lending credit decisions extending out far too long, especially for small business and individuals. It has resulted in delays which cost contracts and restrict business growth. I look forward  to these changes[Read more …]

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